Short courses and microcredentials: terminology matters!

Short course — TYPE 1

When a program is chopped up into pieces, learners enroll in individual courses (some institutions call them subjects). These courses build (stack up) towards being recognised for completing the program. Or, sometimes, each course is recognised as having its own value.

Short course — TYPE 2

A second type of short course is one that is purpose built to address an industry need or is launched by an entrepreneur.

What is a microcredential then?

A microcredential is purposefully designed for the learner to be able to demonstrate their competency. Learners use them to verify, validate and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved.

Short courses and microcredentials in summary

A microcredential empowers each individual enrolled on it to demonstrate competency…. not just click through a course, skip to the assessment task and hope it’s relevant to the real world! There should be no requirement to actually do any ‘learning’ controlled by the designer of the credential to get a credential. This part should be optional. If you can demonstrate it, we will give you the elephant stamp. Simple!



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